In The Dance Fitness Jamaica w Yendi Phillipps

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Yendi Phillips, Miss Jamaica World 2007 and Miss Jamaica Universe 2010, is again in the spotlight, this time for her healthy living habits.

According to her website, Yendi is featured on the cover of ‘In the Dance fitness Jamaica’ DVD.

The former first runner up in the Miss Universe pageant shares her intense fat burning cardio dance work out on the DVD which is available in Walmart in Canada.

An excited Phillips posted the good news on social media sites Twitter and Instagram on Wednesday with the caption, “Here it is!!!!!! Available now in Walmart in Canada is “IN THE DANCE FITNESS JAMAICA”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…”

Her followers were just as excited sending messages in support of her new venture

Get sexy and fit with with Miss Jamaica Universe Yendi Phillipps. Learn Jamaica’s world famous moves with her hot new DVD “In The Dance Fitness Jamaica”.

Miss Jamaica Universe 2010 Yendi Phillips has been dabbling in a couple ventures lately, including but not limited to Television host for a popular Jamaican morning program, making various local appearances and commercials and of course turning Mummy a year ago. (See behind-the-scenes from workout DVD below)Posted on her Social Media pages was the following statement: “Here it is!!! Now available in Walmart in Canada is “IN THE DANCE FITNESS JAMAICA” hosted by yours truly!! Woop woop!!!”….this was followed by a pic of what seems to be the cover of the workout DVD. This is certainly up the former beauty Queen’s alley, as she is already a professionally trained dancer holding a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Dance.

Kudos to Miss Phillips on her newest venture…wish her all the best! I am sure many are anticipating its availability in other parts of the world soon:)

WATCH sneak peek behind the scenes and snippet of what to expect below: (via

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